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To deliver to the needs and
satisfaction of the customer
by ensuring quality in every mark.


To be a leader in a Global scale in supplying quality engineering products and services


A message from the ceo

It all started with a dream. A dream to create an organization where each and every individual whether they are a staff member or a customer feel they are home. An organization that runs on honesty and quality all the time, not just in words but also in action.
My grandfather once owned a workshop in the city of Mangalore and unfortunately a minor incident caused the workshop to close. Since then the dream to one day make our mark in the society had been handed over from him to my father and now to me.
Lion Crown has its humble beginnings when it partnered with Kalpatru Industries a manufacturing and production company in Mumbai that manufactures parts for crane companies like KONE. Lion crown now has expanded its expertise into sourcing and supplying quality products in the field of construction, light equipment, Heavy vehicle spares and agricultural engineering services. Our vision is to one day be a leader in the global market as the one stop destination for all our customers to do quality business with us.

 Immanuel Stephen Maben, CEO

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